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Юлия Порядина


Родной язык: Русский

Живет: Испания

Обо мне

Privet everyone! My name is Yulia, and I have been teaching Russian to foreigners since 2016. I hold a relevant master's degree and have experience working at universities and language courses in Russia, the USA, China, and Spain. Additionally, I create educational and methodological materials for other teachers.

My main goal is to create a comfortable and friendly atmosphere in the classroom. Studying Russian is not easy, but it can definitely be fun (even grammar!). I believe there is no universal formula for teaching, so I always adapt the program to the needs of the students.

I work with adults and teenagers and have certification and experience in preparing students for official language and translation exams. Besides the Russian language, I teach Russian history, Russian literature, social studies, creative writing, and translation to foreigners.

My hobbies are traveling, studying languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese), anthropology, art, cinema, and hiking. I would love to know about your hobbies and interests. Let's discuss them in class!


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* Продолжительность 1 урока 60 минут.

При оплате одного занятия цена составляет 35$.

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