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Rosemary Mason


Родной язык: Английский

Живет: Великобритания

Обо мне

I’m Rosemary Mason, an experienced teacher of English for over 30 years’ teaching to teenagers, students, teachers and professionals who wished to improve their knowledge and understanding of English to communicate with others, to pass examinations or attain the CEFR B2.

I am very approachable and friendly, engaging the learner in well-prepared lessons. I can offer tuition to teenagers who would like to improve in writing, reading, speaking and listening.

I can offer general English to all ages whereby the use of pronunciation and working with me would improve both your speaking and listening skills in fun dialogue scenarios.

For the more intermediate, upper intermediate and advanced student, I can help you with your exam technique to pass the English exams such as Cambridge First or CAE or Trinity Exams. I am very dedicated to achieving the best with my students and have had many successes.


4 урока
6 уроков
8 уроков

* Продолжительность 1 урока 60 минут.

При оплате одного занятия цена составляет 50$.

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