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Родной язык: Английский

Живет: Китай

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Hiya! My name is RJ and I'm from LA. I’ve studied various languages and hold degrees in Foreign Languages, Chinese Language & Culture, Computer Science, and even studied Korean in Korea, so I know how hard it is to learn a new language – hard or boring.

I also have a Masters in Psychology, so I have a good understanding how learning works. Besides helping you speak confidently in English, my side goal is to make it fun or interesting.

I hate boring classes. With over 16 years of teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) in various countries, you’ll get a top tutor in speaking, grammar, daily communication skills, slang, and American cultural; everything that'll give you the skills and confidence to speak great English.

I have a unique personality and perspective on teaching, and the passion and drive to get you speaking your best is what makes learning with me not only easy, but enjoyable too. Hope to see you soon!


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* Продолжительность 1 урока 60 минут.

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