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Jan-Pieter van Wyngaardt


Родной язык: Русский

Живет: Россия

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Hello there! My name is JP. I am a happy-go-lucky native speaker from South Africa and I have been teaching English for 6 years already! I love exchanging knowledge to others, young and old.

If teaching English was a sport, I would go for gold every day. If you are looking for fun energetic lessons with loads and loads of laughs and proud accomplishing moments, then I'm your guy!


4 урока
7200 р(1800/час)
6 уроков
10200 р(1700/час)
8 уроков
12800 р(1600/час)

* Продолжительность 1 урока 60 минут.

При оплате одного занятия цена составляет 2000 р.

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