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Tatiana Biistrova


Native language: Russian

Based in: Russia

About me

I am Tatyana and I am your language fairy. It is my pleasure to welcome you to the fairyland of fun and easy English. I will lead you by the hand, and you are sure to fall for language studies.

Alongside my magic wand, I’ve got two degrees and a number of additional training sessions under my belt. I come from Perm, Russia, where it is snowing and freezing most of the time, but I've got a warm heart.

Join me in my lessons especially if you share my passion for sports, wellness, clean living, cooking and self-growth. You will find out you’ve got a knack for English, upon my word as a fairy!


4 lessons
6 lessons
8 lessons

* 1 lesson is 60 min

The price of a lesson without discount packages is 25 dollars per lesson.

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